by | Sep 3, 2015

More of My Classes....

On this site I have teamed up with my father to create a huge library of lessons. You will find more of my classes in pencil as well as our classes in watercolour, oil, acrylic and pastel painting as well as various other subjects like pen & ink drawing. You can get access to over 300 classes for only $19. I know you will love the site, so go check it out HERE
I have been a professional artist since 2000. During this time I have sold my artworks in every way imaginable. From selling out of hand, through galleries, at craft markets, online, you name it. In this course I show you how you can do the same in what is hands down the most comprehensive course on how to earn money (or a living) selling your artworks. The course consists of 16 modules. Each module contains a very comprehensive manual, a 1 to 2 hour class video, a bonus QnA video recorded with live students, checklists, spreadsheets and tons more In total the course has over 500 pages worth of manuals, checklists, spreadsheets, etc and more than 20 hours worth of video lessons. Get the full lowdown on this course HERE

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