Module 1

In this class you will learn what equipment we use in pencil drawing and get a feel for the pencils.

I will show you what pencils are used in pencil drawing. You will learn the difference between each and why there are different pencils.
You will see which are the best erasers to buy and what different types of erasers are available to artists.
You will also learn about the other types of equipment we use, like rulers and erasing shields.

We will then do a few erasing exercises to see how the erasers work. From there you will learn a handy way to keep your pencils organized while drawing.
You will learn the various methods used to sharpen your pencils and what each point type is used for.

You will learn the secrets used to create smooth shadings with your pencils.

We will then do some basic stroke exercises so you can not only get used to your pencils, but learn and practice the various strokes commonly used in pencil drawing.

After that we move on to creating a tonal chart which you will be able to use to find the correct tonal values in all your subsequent drawings.

Finally we will round off a busy class by putting all the knowledge we have learned in this class into practice by shading a ball.

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