Module 2

We start this class with feedback from module 1. I will show you where the common mistakes are with shading the ball. I then use one of the student's drawings to show how to fix those mistakes.

You will then learn how to create an individual pencil tonal chart which you will use in future to remind yourself what tonal range each pencil is capable of.

I then use various objects and demonstrate to you how light affects the objects we see and where to look for each tonal value. During this demonstration I show you how to use the tonal chart you created in module 1 to find the correct pencil to use.

To round off the "theory" side of the class I explain how shadows and reflected light works and how you can use this to take your drawings from an average drawing and a photo realistic one.

We then put this new knowledge into practice by drawing an ornate spoon. During the demonstration you are welcome to draw with. While we work I explain what to look out for so that next time you are drawing a metallic object you will know what to do.

You will learn how to do broad shadings.
How to correctly transition between contrasting tonal values.
How to draw short quick shadings.
How to draw shadings that are very close together.
To end off the class you will learn how to draw shadows correctly so that they make the object appear the lift up off the paper.

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