Module 3

We start off this class with some feedback about the previous classes to sort out the few places where most artists battle with.

After that we look at the still life set up we will be drawing today. It is a lovely onions and garlic composition. We then take a look at the different aspects of the scene that we need to take into account when drawing in order to end up with a realistic result. Some of these are lost and found lines, shadows and reflected light.

I show you a practical demonstration of how shadows work to ensure you understand how all shadows should be drawn.
You will then learn how I make my life a lot easier when first starting off with pencil drawing to ensure I get a perfect replica of the scene.
I reveal a secret trick that master artists use to spot their tonal values correctly when looking at an object that has a lot of detail.

You will learn what outlines to draw onto your paper before you can start drawing. You will use this knowledge to know which outlines need to be darker and which should be lighter.
You will learn a cool easy trick to help you transfer your scene to the drawing paper without having to worry about grids or proportional dividers.

I then show you a special grip that you can use to shade large areas without your hand getting tired.
I then show you a layering technique used to create the impression of texture.

You will see how to create sharp edges correctly and how to show that the onions curls away from you as it recedes towards to back.
I show you how to draw the outer slivers of skin from the onion and garlic in such a way that they look as though they are peeling away for the main body of the onion. It will feel as though you can look in between the skin and the onion.
You will learn how to show the "ribbed" effect on the onion skin.

We then move on to drawing the background where I show you a few different ways to complete the background. I show you my favourite background technique that makes the whole drawing look "arty" and friendly without losing the realistic effect.

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