Module 4

Today we start off the class with some feedback about the problem areas from the previous class. You will learn a new shading technique as well as a new pencil sharpening technique.

This class is all about how to create the illusion of depth on a flat sheet of paper. The perfect way to learn this is by drawing a rose.

You will learn the secret used to create a looking in effect so that you can see in between each petal. We then learn how to draw each petal so that it looks like the rose is round and three dimensional.
You will learn when you need to use your artists license to change the scene you are drawing in order to get a drawing that is more pleasing to look at.

Before we start drawing I show you a cool trick that you can use to check your drawing as you progress to ensure you are working accurate and have the tonal values correct.

We then start the rose by drawing the leaves. I will reveal a pretty awesome secret that I use to create the super fine veins on the petal in seconds so that we don't have to painstakingly draw each vein.
You will learn how to show the subtle undulations on each leaf and how to show the jagged edges of the leaf.

Next I show a simple trick that you can use to ensure your drawing stays nice and clean while you are working on it.

I show you how to draw the branch. You will learn how to show that the branch is round.
You will learn the difference between drawing a thicker branch vs a thin branch.

We then move on to the petals. You will learn the difference in the techniques between drawing a large and small petal.
I show which part of drawing the rose is the most difficult to draw. You will learn how to decide which part of a drawing is best to start off with.
You will learn which pencils to use when and why we choose each individual pencil at the specific time.
You will learn how hard to press and when. As we work you will learn how small changes to the angle of your pencil can make a huge difference to the end result.
Once we know how to draw the basics of the rose we will learn how to draw the fine details on the rose, like the fine curls on some petals and the reflected light effects which turn an average drawing into a stunning realistic one.

We then finish off the class by learning how to draw the shadow cast by the rose correctly.

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